Sunday, 17 May 2009

Nick Clegg to give a townhall meeting in Hackney on Tuesday about Turkey and the EU.

In the UK the Turkish/Kurdish/Cypriot communities are the most politically intense I have met. Many are very good liberals and I am hoping they will get more involved in the British political scene. Historically most have supported Labour, but Labour's appalling foreign policy has disillusioned many, notably in relation to Iraq and Israel, and given that many also support Turkey's entry into the EU, with the intention of making the EU work (this latter point distinguishes the Lib Dems from the other parties), then there could not be a better time for the liberal wing of these communities to join the Lib Dems.
The Liberal Democrats Friends of Turkey (LDFoT) provide an excellent hinterland for liberal Turks. A chance to find out more about the party before deciding whether to join.
I have made some very good friends in LDFoT and so far every one I have met so far would make an excellent member of the party. Some already are.
On Tuesday Hackney Liberal Democrats and LDFoT have jointly organised a public meeting with Nick Clegg as the main speaker about "Turkey - our future in Europe". Also every bit as important our current MEP Sara Ludford, plus Jonathan Fryer who according to opinion polls will also get elected on 4th June will also be speaking at this event.
and where you can reserve your seat.
Maybe the tectonic plates are shifting, Labour in decline and the Lib Dems in the ascendency?
Well anything can happen in a public meeting. One thing I will predict, you will not have seen anything like it before in Hackney (and we have seen many things here!).

PS I removed my previous posting whilst I recheck my facts on what is going on in Turkey. It looks very complicated, more than I appreciated before. Thanks to Barry Stocker for pointing that out.

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